Bishop Oyedepo Acquires New Helicopter Worth N2.5 Billion

Author and Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church, an association with perhaps the biggest system of around 11,000 branches in 65 nations has obtained a fresh out of the plastic new helicopter.

This is in continuation of his journey to ease development while arriving at enormous quantities of individuals in his fervent work.

This securing is particularly novel as it is the first occasion when he will purchase an air ship with his own assets. Past airplane including the only one by and by in the Church stock, a Challenger 605 with enrollment N633WM (World Mission) which was gained at an expense of $25 million were altogether obtained by the Church through Dominion Aviation Center.

Talking at a social event of ministers as of late, Bishop Oyedepo declared that the air ship which had shown up Nigeria could fly from Lagos to Maiduguri or from Lagos to Abuja and back to Lagos without a need to refuel.

Church Gist examination additionally uncover that the airplane is still in a Lagos seaport experiencing leeway after which it will be brought to the Church’s shelter for collection. Church Gist likewise assembled that the helicopter could be of Italian birthplace and created by the Leonardo Helicopters (in the past Agusta Westland). Specifically it could be either the Trekker or GrandNew arrangement as these have limit with respect to covering a long range before the requirement for refueling.

Dr David Oyedepo has spoken regularly about how he was motivated by the visit of white ministers to his town of Omu-Aran in helicopters while he was a child. He likewise referenced as right on time as April 1982 that God had given him wings in a dream and when he asked, it was uncovered that his service would have been flying the world over conveying the good news of Jesus Christ. This prompted the securing by the Church of the primary air ship in March 1996 and from that point forward, the Church has been gaining flying machine for minister purposes.

Additionally, as every flying machine gets old, it is immediately traded for another one to simplicity cost, support and overhauling. A couple of years prior, definitely in 2011, the Bishop ventured out to 6 African nations inside 7 days and lectured 11 distinct lessons. This is a case of his standard agenda which could absolutely not be accomplished flying typical business flights.

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