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The Ultimate Guide To beginning Data Bundle Reselling Business In Nigeria

The information group Reselling business in Nigeria has truly commenced. You see many individuals selling information either on WhatsApp or Facebook or some other stage they see fit. This is a standout amongst other business thoughts for understudies.

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The first occasion when I saw an advert where somebody was selling MTN 1GB information for N600, I thought it was a trick; not until I realized that these individuals likewise had the expert to offer information to other individuals like the system administrators.

One thing I have come to find is that information group exchanging business in Nigeria is really a cool business. You can be acquiring salary for some crisis reserves.

These business should be possible by understudies, instructors, teacher, simply name it. In outline, anybody can share in the information group exchanging business without segregation.

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In the event that you are searching for any of the accompanying, this post additionally covers them:

  1. Information group exchanging pack
  2. Information Reselling Pack
  3. Information exchanging application
  4. Where to Buy Data in mass for resale
  5. Information exchanging business PDF
  6. Glo Business plan
  7. Information exchanging business in Nigeria PDF

On the off chance that the above recorded questions are what you are searching for, these post will likewise clarify them in detail. Information group exchanging should be possible with little requiremens. You don’t need the entire world before you can take part around here.

In the event that you see, media communications is one of the most rewarding organizations in Nigeria now, and it can bring great cash into your pocket.

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You can be accomplices with these system administrators and make cash exchanging information. In this post, I will talk about on the best way to profit online from information exchanging.

You needn’t bother with a gigantic venture to begin this business as it is perhaps the least expensive business to begin in Nigeria.

The accomplishment of information exchanging business in Nigeria is because of the way that information has turned out to be one of the significant needs of each Nigerian.

We look for information swindles regular yet can’t get them because of the way that some of them may have been distinguished by the system administrators and crippled them. By and by, There are still some working information swindles

Numerous individuals have floated their consideration from purchasing from the system administrators themselves to purchasing from these affiliates at a less expensive rate.

The following is the value list MTN, 9MOBILE AND GLO information affiliates exchange their information

MTN Data Reselling Price

1GB – N470

2GB – N940

5GB – N2350


250MB – N250

500MB – N350

1GB – N650

1.5GB – N1000

2GB – N1250

3GB – N1900

5GB – N3100

11.5GB – N7000


1.6GB – N900

3.65GB – N1800

5.75GB – N2250

7GB – N2650

10GB – N3550

This is the first information exchanging cost yet your benefit relies upon the amount you exchange yours to clients. The vast majority sell the MTN 1GB for N600. Set your net revenue to suit you and your client.

Give us a chance to take a gander at a portion of the subjects we will concentrate on in this substance:

  • What is information group exchanging?
  • Who is an information group affiliate?
  • What amount do I have to begin information pack exchanging?
  • Necessities to begin information group exchanging business in Nigeria
  • Which system would i be able to exchange their information?
  • The most effective method to begin information group exchanging business in Nigeria
  • What is information pack exchanging business in Nigeria?

Information group exchanging business in Nigeria includes the deals and exchanging of versatile information designs by obtaining SME packs from the system administrators in mass.

Who is an information group affiliate?

As indicated by king faith:

There are various approaches to begin this information group exchanging business in Nigeria:

You can turn into a distributer

Or on the other hand

You can turn into a retailer

A distributer purchases legitimately from the system administrator in immense amount and exchanges to retailers or buyers. To be a distributer, you need high venture to purchase enough mass information at a decreased expense. There is additionally a great deal of benefit from being a distributer.

A retailer is one that purchases the information from a distributer. A retailer needn’t bother with a great deal of cash-flow to begin. You can begin with the expense of acquiring unt. A retailer resembles the go between in the business. The retailer diverts the buyer to the entire saler and still makes their benefit.

What amount do I have to begin information pack exchanging business in Nigeria?

Presently you night have made up your mid that you need to go into information pack exchanging business so you need to know your capital. I can reveal to you that it doesn’t require much from you.

All you need is somewhat capital and you’re set to go. It can even be said to be the least expensive business to begin in Nigeria.

You don’t should be a tycoon or have up to six figures in your record before you can begin information group exchanging. With as low as N1000, you can begin and develop it onto something important.

Everything necessary is a shrewd personality and the correct guide like this one. You need a few necessities additionally before you can go into information group exchanging.

Prerequisites to begin information pack exchanging business in Nigeria

You don’t need the entire world. Like I referenced, this is perhaps the most effortless business to begin in Nigeria. Indeed, even the prerequisites are modest and available to you.

On the off chance that you think I am going to begin posting stuffs like a major generator, printer or something that may take your expense to five or six figures, sorry I won’t.

Indeed, you won’t have to spend any cash getting these necessities. These prerequisites are all over the place. Recorded beneath are the prerequisites to begin information pack exchanging business:

  1. Cell phone/PC
  2. Platinum card (otherwise called ATM card)
  3. data exchanging pack

Which system would i be able to exchange their information?

This is a splendid inquiry you should pose. You can exchange information of airtel, MTN, 9mobile and Glo. All these real systems are accessible for you.

Step by step instructions to begin information group exchanging business in Nigeria

You can begin information group exchanging by purchasing information from a site or system administrator.

The act of utilizing system administrators is a good old method for exchanging information.

One thing that can make you stress is your information lapsing before getting clients to offer information to. Stress not, on the grounds that this post has got you secured on what to do.

With this new information selling strategy, all you need is support a virtual wallet given by a site and begin purchasing information at the least expensive rate you can discover.

You can either purchase information for yourself or buy in information for other people, adding your very own benefit to the expense of information and benefitting from selling information as low as 250mb without agonizing over any issues regular with selling through USSD or purchasing straightforwardly from system suppliers which require extremely high starting capital venture.

Step by step instructions to begin information selling business in Nigeria through a web stage

Pursue these means beneath to sell information through a web stage:

1. Locate a dependable information exchanging site and register with them. I propose epinmobile for this. You can join here. After sign up, finance your record with N1000 and begin profiting from information exchanging business

2. Explore through the site menu and discover connection to buy or purchase information.

3. Snap on the ‘purchase information’ connect.

4. Select your system

5. Pick the information plan you need and type your number.

6. Snap purchase information. Note you’ll be required to finance your wallet before you can utilize any of the administrations. Once, you purchase your information inside minutes you will get the information in your telephone.

Advance your business by showing adverts or enlightening your online life companions regarding it.

That is all, you have to know for the time being. Buy in to the email list so you get informed when this post is refreshed

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